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Research Quality Assurance

Research Quality Assurance

Research Quality Assurance in (RQA) comprises all the techniques, systems, and resources that are deployed to give assurance about the care and control with which research has been conducted. RQA is typically concerned with:

  • the responsibilities of those involved in the research
  • transparent project planning
  • the training and competence of research staff
  • facilities and equipment
  • documentation of procedures and methods
  • research records
  • Research Quality Assurance involves the handling of samples and materials

DevBox do Research projects vary widely in content and also in style, from the open-ended exploration of concepts to working towards specific targets. DevBox is having a professional team of quality assurance analyst who is responsible for exploring your your research and development. Our Quality Assurance Analyst encounters the bugs and then they are tasked with methodically reporting after fixing that bug they will test it all over again.

Development Quality Assurance

Developmental Quality Assurance is defined as a combination of the Quality assurance with the Research and developmental activity which incorporates and ensures that the innovation meets the predetermined quality specifications as-per regulatory norms and that the methodology, procedure, the process will consistently fulfill the quality specifications over and over again.

Development Quality Assurance provides proper guidance on quality issues to the process development team. Prepare in-house expert reports/Quality overall summary (QOS). Development Quality Assurance Ensure proper stage-gate compliance at every stage of product development