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Product Assurance

Product Assurance

Product Assurance  is a management function which verifies that in order to meet customer requirements

(1) all critical activities are identified.

(2) required resources are made available for each activity

(3) these resources are applied in a most efficient and effective manner.

DevBox not only understands the struggles you endure but also can identify the precise strategy and path you need to follow for total quality assurance throughout your entire supply chain. As your partner in the process, we are here to support you every step of the way at implementing the very best solution possible for your company and the end consumer.

DevBox develops individual Product Quality Assurance requirements to suit each particular project requirements. They serve as a mandatory agreement and contractual means to guarantee a high-quality standard both in the preliminary phase as well as during the process of product manufacturing. Our expertise in this field means quality and cost reduction. Thus, product assurance requirements become a fundamental element in the business dealings between customers and suppliers and, in addition, to purchase and delivery conditions, form an essential part of the statutory framework of acts of sale. On signing, the supplier undertakes a secondary obligation in which the customer’s compensation claims versus the supplier are set out. The supplier is expected to process his quality management according to the customer’s defined requirements and to provide the corresponding detailed verifications

Involving Product Quality Assurance from the beginning of the project gives the project an essential jump-start to produce flight standard hardware and/or software.